When It Comes To Determining Your Child’s Intelligence, Hips Don’t Lie

Be it Jay-Lo or Beyonce, big butts are all the rage. While waif-like models continue to hold sway in the fashion industry, most men will readily admit their bootilicious leanings.

Two researchers, Steven Gaulin and William Lassek believe our attraction to an hourglass figure may have evolutionary significance. In a recent study, Lassek and Gaulin found that a woman’s waist to hip ratio had an impact on a child’s intelligence; curvy women birthed children with superior cognitive abilities. “Men respond because it’s reproductively important,” Lassek believes.

Omega-3 fatty acids, the same fat found in flax and certain types of fish, are believed to be the source of the benefits. These fats compose much of the human brain (which is 60% fat by dry weight). They are selectively stored in the hips and thighs beginning in adolescence. Notably, women do not begin metabolize these deposits except during the third trimester of pregnancy and during lactation - peak times for a child’s brain growth.


#1 andy fox on 11.05.07 at 8:21 pm

i agree, or something

#2 Denise Lynn Banks on 11.06.07 at 4:51 am

That explains why both my children are exceptional! The first tested as “Highly Gifted - Intellect”, and is med school bound to become a reconstructive plastic surgeon. When she was conceived I was 36-25-35 The second, by the appraisal of her sister and teachers, is hands down, a genius. There are 11.5 years between them, and my waist, while still relatively small, at time of the younger’s conception was accompanied/ accentuated by 37″ hips. Now, at 47 years, my upper ratio is basically the same (a marvel since I don’t formally work out), however the lower has blossomed to an ample 39.25″. I won’t be gettin’ in that size 3 suede skirt no mo’! This is essentially my crowning glory (physically), seeing as although I grew up in South Central, and have always been a card carrying Black woman with a cute lil’ shape, (quite is kept), due to being “mixed”, I’ve really been perceived as a “fringe dweller” (that’s putting it nicely). Thank God for Dorothy Dandridge having paved the way for Halle, Alicia & Beyonce…. Now, I get an altogether different kind of appraisal. I jokingly proclaim that, thanks to the exponential increase in my hips, I’m no longer an “honorary” Black woman, but a “bonafide” Black woman! Now I understand this phenomenon of twenty & thirty somethings coming at me with such intensity… their wide-eyed wonder and all-consuming desire that I birth their children! My goodness! In my wildest dreams, who’d athunkit!? On a more serious note tho’, is it any wonder? Since, Truth be told, Africa, from whence the greatest of engineers, scientists, healers, architects, astronomers, mathemeticians, etc. hail, is understood to be the cradle of all humankind?!

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#4 Doug on 11.12.07 at 8:22 pm

@ Denise - LOL!

Love the feedback. You go girl :)

#5 gengeo on 11.16.07 at 11:40 am

I posted my skepticism aboout this at my blog. There are too many variables that play into the make up of the human posterior for this to be taken seriously. Read the full spread at http://gengeo.typepad.com/diverseworld/

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#7 Erica on 01.04.08 at 8:22 pm


#8 Aaron on 03.28.08 at 8:56 am

It may play a part but there’s also the childbearing superiority suggested by wide hips which may not be medically true but merely symbolic. However a wide hip to narrow waist ratio is inherently feminine as it is the inverse of the male ideal of wide shoulders narrow hips. Wide hips also allow for more butt and thigh fat which helps women survive harsh winters(in primal times)
If it’s the case that wide hipped women birth intelligent kids and rich and powerful men seem to obtain these women then the children of the rich and powerful should be bright…..oops, Paris Hilton, oh well. I wonder if the most intelligent person of all time, Leonardo Davinci had a bootilicious mother.

#9 Aaron on 03.28.08 at 9:02 am

By the way Denise, the greatest engineers, scientists, healers, architects, astronomers, mathemeticians, etc actually hail originally from the middle east as these things were a product of civilisations such as Sumeria, Babylon, greece, Rome etc. You are correct in that Africa is the cradle of humankind however.

#10 Kara on 07.12.08 at 2:28 pm

I have a 26 inch waist and 38 inch butt….shame I’m not planning on having kids……….

#11 Tony on 08.09.08 at 11:59 pm

BS. You’re children’s intelligence has to do with how you raise them (motivational and discipline) and the kind of education they receive. You control your own destiny. Not how much fried chicken your mom eats.

#12 Doug Cress on 08.11.08 at 8:50 am


Thanks for commenting.

The nuture/nature debate has been raging for some time now. I appreciate your point of view, though I tend to take the middle road.

I’d say its a combination of motivation, discipline, education, and genetics. Also, fried chicken.

#13 Andrew on 10.12.08 at 4:34 pm


Although how you raise your kids does help them learn, your intelligence is determined by you genetics greatly. some people really are just smarter than others.

#14 javaid on 06.01.09 at 6:53 am

sexy i love it waht a hip wove

#15 debbie on 07.01.09 at 4:16 pm

I just stumbled upon this info just recently (06/09) and have been researching it since.

I concluded that the article was explaining that the fat found in the hips and theighs are responsible for cognitive development of the brain.

When my first born was conceived, I was a “good” 38-26-38. He is now working toward a PHd in Engineering, with a concentration on Biomedical Engineering. When my second child was born, I was right about the same demensions. She is to soon become a Phd candidate in Biomedical/Neuroscience. I was in my early & mid 20’s when they were born. I was 40 when my last son was born and my demensions were slightly higher with about the same ratio. He has always studied a grade level ahead and appears to have above average intelligence.

I’ve always had buy in seperates and make “waist” alterations on fitted/button/zip garments. After having 3 children and am now overweight due to an autoimmune disorder, I still carry a small waisteline and large hips. The same scenario with more weight.

There could be some truth to this study. I don’t feel that any one of them is gifted, however, I strongly encourged prayer and hard work. Perhaps a child can be born with more cognitive intelligence, but I feel that it must be developed and encouraged.

#16 voluptuousvixen1984 on 08.10.09 at 1:12 am

That is a very interesting study. However I want to point out to Denise Banks that it is not only women of african decent that have these ratios. I am of european decent and My measurements, though not small, are 42-28-42. that is a w to hip ratio of .66. My mother had the classic 36-24-36 figure when she was my age, and my grandmother did as well. I’ve seen asians with curves as well and J-Lo is hispanic. Women of all orientations have amazing curves and brains.
On another note I want to address Debbie. I share your pain in not being able to find clothing in stores that fits properly. I have the same problem. It is very time consuming to take all your clothing to the tailor, or if you sew to tailor everything yourself. I am a fashion student and when I graduate in four years my goal is to make a clothing line that is designed for women with the hourglass figure.

#17 PilarInSweden on 01.04.10 at 9:50 pm

I’m from Chile and my mom had an amazing hourglass figure when she became a mother… still after giving birth to 3 girls and bording her 60s, she also has same proportion, just more weight and gravity effects… anyway, my 2 sisters are very sport and science orientated, while I have none… however I’m very good with people and life issues… I don’t think a mother’s shape can influence a kid’s intelligence, but I do believe it could influence their health? Therefore the brains and all that yada yada?

And voluptuousvixen1984, PLEASE DO!!! Best wishes on your clothing line!!! I’ll be your client, for sure!!!

I’m sick n tired of clothes made for tubular people… I ain’t no tube!!!


#18 micheal on 02.11.10 at 3:12 am

ilove u baby bz of hips

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