Putting Your Taste Buds to the Test

Supertasters experience food differently than non-tasters. Some have compared being a supertaster to tasting in neon - while the less fortunate non-tasters experience food in black and white.

There have been numerous scientific studies examining the impact of supertaster genes on diet and health, but there has yet to be a study examining a supertaster’s affinity for food and how that influences one’s lifestyle. It is my hypothesis that today’s passionate food lovers grew up to appreciate food only because they inherited supertaster genes.

Supertaster Test – a site that offers a test to determine if you are a supertaster – has been kind enough to sponsor a web wide taste test. As a survey population I have chosen food bloggers, perhaps the most passionate food lovers.

The study will examine food bloggers’ propensity for carrying the supertaster gene. In addition, the study will examine variations in sex and ethnicity among food bloggers.

If you are a food blogger and wish to receive a supertaster test kit – please complete this form. The first one-hundred (U.S. Based) food bloggers who sign up will receive a Supertaster Test free of charge. Results of the study will be published here in the coming weeks.


#1 foodette on 10.03.07 at 1:21 pm

Cool! I filled out the form. I look forward to finding out that my taste buds are mini-geniuses :)

#2 urbanvegan on 10.04.07 at 6:44 am

Can’t wait to hear about your findings.

#3 Annie on 10.12.07 at 5:14 pm

Yeeak! My roommate and I took the challenge. To see what happened, go to http://www.annienewman.typepad.com and find out!

#4 Doug on 10.13.07 at 9:01 am

Thanks everyone :)

UV - I’ve looked at some of the data and its looking pretty interesting.

#5 tannaz on 10.13.07 at 12:18 pm

just took the test. bleh!

doug, i hope you’re testing some people who aren’t so passionate about food — it’d be great to see a control group…

#6 Paula on 10.18.07 at 4:07 pm

I took the test! But I think that being a supertaster is actually a disadvantage for a foodie - it is a sensitivity rather than a heightened experience like I thought. It does not mean you taste subtlety, it means you have aversions. I blogged all about it today.

Thanks for the test, the whole experience was elightening!


#7 cindym on 10.25.07 at 11:01 am

hi doug - my boyfriend and i just took the test. in general, foods that i respond to as sort of bitter are intolerable to him…how do you know whether that’s the result of being a supertaster, or just somebody whose preferences are for milder foods because that’s what he grew up eating? :) this is why i was not a science major. anyway, i’ll be curious to see what you write about! thanks, cindy

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#10 morgan on 01.16.09 at 9:06 pm

me and my friend r doing the test for our science projects but ours is a little differant but r teacher thinks it’s a great idea and if it works he will let us show it to the class!!!!

byeeee:) :0 :) :)

#11 Le'Anna on 01.28.11 at 1:01 am

i really want to take this test. cause there r so many things i dont like. foods and candy that r to bitter, spicey, plain cant explain nasty, and i want to know y and how to overcome it.

#12 hp mini 210 review on 08.27.11 at 7:00 pm

the new guy on the board, this post open my nose up in so many ways

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